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Albuquerque New Mexico

Home to the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque is the largest city in the state. Sitting high in the desert, modern downtown is in stark contrast to the Old Town area that dates back to 1706 when it was founded as a Spanish colony.

Farming was the original occupation of most of the residents of the region. It also had a strategical location for a military outpost alongside the Camino Real. It was once well known for its sheep herding center.

After 1821, Mexico had a military garrison in the town as well. Built in a traditional Spanish Village theme the central plaza or town center was surrounded by the government buildings as well as homes and a church.

Today, this area is well preserved as a museum and cultural area...

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A Diverse List Of Albuquerque Restaurants For You To Enjoy

While quite a few restaurants from Albuquerque have been talked about so far, there are enough to fill several more articles. The Apothecary Lounge is one of those special spots that didn’t make the last cut, but it’s one of the top rated establishments in the city. After you find out that you get to enjoy great views while dining there, that should bump it up several spots, don’t you think?

You know you’re going to continue to get great Mexican cuisine as you look further into more of the restaurants in Albuquerque NM. La Salita is the next top pick, and then there is also Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen. Mary & Tito’s Cafe is said to be simple according one of the reviewers, but that doesn’t take away from it’s charm...

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