A Diverse List Of Albuquerque Restaurants For You To Enjoy

While quite a few restaurants from Albuquerque have been talked about so far, there are enough to fill several more articles. The Apothecary Lounge is one of those special spots that didn’t make the last cut, but it’s one of the top rated establishments in the city. After you find out that you get to enjoy great views while dining there, that should bump it up several spots, don’t you think?

You know you’re going to continue to get great Mexican cuisine as you look further into more of the restaurants in Albuquerque NM. La Salita is the next top pick, and then there is also Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen. Mary & Tito’s Cafe is said to be simple according one of the reviewers, but that doesn’t take away from it’s charm. Isn’t it about time for some Italian food? Well, hop on over to Scalo Northern Italian Grill.

You now have Italian food, but what about the pizza mention? Well, there is another great place that has delicious pizza, and that’s Farina. Up next are two more of the best Mexican restaurants in the city. They are El Patio De Albuquerque and Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge. Vernon’s Speedway looks like a unique dinner experience, and Thai Vegan is for those people who are always looking for places that serve up vegan or vegetarian cuisine. My sister loves Thai food, so this would be one of her first restaurants if she visited this city.

Do you want to enjoy some nice brews and some food at the same time? According to reviews, it looks as though Marble Brewery may not have an extensive menu for food, but it’s good and of course great brews. The next two establishments are pizza places, and they are Sadie’s on Academy and II Vicino Wood Oven Pizza. There is also Old Town Pizza Parlor, which gives away its location.

Do you want to enjoy a nice steak? Monte Carlo Steakhouse isn’t just your place, but it’s also located on Route 66. Now it’s time for one of the city’s burger joints, and that just about rounds it out. The best place to get a burger is Holy Cow. While that could round it out, one more deserves a good mention, as no restaurant talked about so far has been headlined by a chili dog. Dog House Drive-In is the place, and that will do it.